4 reaktioner till “Loyalty never dies

    1. I rly dont appreciate this. hosently, they didnt have a church on board. WTF, i dont know either. i was at the shops today and there was this bitch and she couldnt understand me. i was like eftpos and she was like like what? and i was like eftpos biatch and i slaped her and now im in jail. so yea. cradle of filth is random. does anyone actualy click those adds, its like sexy time for you, but no. wtdf ae?lolburbon yay theres crap on tv, why? why? do you like me? i like you. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. um ye. rofl. lol. lamo. lollercaust. jews. rofl.lady boy blogger, clapping fetus, bizzare video game blog, my penis justy grew, thanks god!


  1. That doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Despite the fact that he plays for the Canuck cretins and got clnweod in Game 6 last year, he is a better goalie than their current euro-trash goalie they have now and Vancouver is stuck with #1 right now. This is probably just a bad slump Corey Crawford is in right now. The defense really does him no favors and he played well last year with a defense that had the same flaws as they have today. He is probably just below the level of Antti Niemi but in today’s league, decent goaltending is possessed by the majority of the teams and the Blackhawks have sufficient goaltending even now. The Hawks could get better and this would be a good way to go. If money were no object, Schneider would be starting for the Canucks. This team does need a lot of help. This could be a good move to make in the offseason. For now, this team needs a D-man and they need to stop losing games. This team is underperforming again and I would rather see prospects on the ice than bums. Too many bums.



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